Asian-Style Sauteed Vegetables


The meat is just some steaks I had in the freezer*, which I thawed, sprinkled with salt and garlic pepper, and seared in a screaming hot pan for two minutes on each side. They were very rare. Next time I want to do that I need to marinate them in something flavorful, because while the flavor of the meat was very nice it was too bland for my taste. It could have been better.

The veggies, though, those came out nicely. I grated carrots, chopped cabbage finely, and diced onions, and sliced radishes into thin circles. They all went into the wok (a large frying pan would work) with a very little bit of oil, salt and pepper, and minced garlic. I sauteed them until they were almost tender enough to eat, then I put in some bok choy leaves (you can cook it whole, but I prefer to pull it apart), about a half a cup of soy sauce, and put the lid on the pan. I let them cook on medium for about 2 minutes, then added several cups of spinach and replaced the lid again. When those were slightly wilted I removed the pan from the heat and squeezed fresh tangerine juice over the top.

I’ll be cooking bok choy and spinach this way again for sure. Saul says the fine-cut vegetables were really good, too, but I personally liked the bok choy and spinach better. 

* I buy meat from Prime Selections. A guy- his name is David- drives a truck out from Santa Monica and delivers my order to my door, no charge. I think it is better if you can find a person who drives a delivery truck; I know I pay less than it says on a website because David cuts me a deal. The meat is of very good quality with an excellent price, arrives in single-serving, vacuum-sealed packages, and is guaranteed for one year. A $420 order has fed four people, plus some guests, for about three months; that boils down to less than $35 per person per month for meat. Not too shabby, I think. Prime Selections has three locations in California They do deliver by mail throughout the lower 48 states, but I am not sure if you get as good of a deal. There are also periodically sales where they do free shipping if you order a certain number of items at once. 🙂


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