Invented Thai-style stir-fry stew… thing.

So, this is a case of a meal not turning out the way I wanted, but being salvageable anyway. It was supposed to be a Thai stir fry over rice; the coconut sauce didn’t thicken the way the recipe said it would- well, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, either- so I dumped it all in one pot and decided it was a very thick stew. The boys are insisting that it go in the ‘win’ column, and say they “…want to eat this every day for a very long time!”

I’m not going to make it every day, but I am going to write it down. 🙂


Cook your rice. I did mine in the bottom of a big pot on the stove top. It was much larger than necessary, but this turned out to be good because everything else ended up in there as well. 

In a large wok (or skillet) pour a couple tablespoons of olive oil, garlic powder, black pepper, cumin, yellow curry powder, and salt. Get ’em pretty hot and add 14 oz of beef sliced against the grain to bite sized and not more than 1/4 inch thick. Sautee until cooked through. Add half a finely diced purple onion and four cloves of diced garlic. Sautee a while longer while you add six or ten leaves of fresh cilantro. It should smell freaking good right now. Add a couple of cups of hard vegetables, sliced thinly. You can use whatever you have around; I used carrots, tiny broccoli florets- seriously, they were the leftovers from a bigger bag and barely fingertip sized- and a handful of slivered almonds. You could also use bell peppers- well, any peppers, depending on your tolerance for spice- eggplant, basil, galanga, lemongrass, zucchini, leeks, bamboo, water chestnuts, green onion, radishes, or bok choy. I expect you could use califlower too; the broccoli turned out nicely. Some of those veggies you aren’t likely to have around, but if you do you could use them… and if you don’t, you can use whatever you do have. 🙂

Anyway. Sautee until the veggies are hot and just getting tender- but not wilted or soggy. Dump the whole thing in with the rice, leaving as much of the oil and seasoning mixture in the wok as possible. Sautee about three cups of sugar snap peas in this until they are just tender. They should still crunch (note: you could use snow peas, or long beans, or edamame, or whatever. I just have snap peas from my CSA box). Dump them in with the rice and meat mixture, again leaving as much oil as possible. If necessary, add a little more olive oil and seasonings, and sautee more cilantro and garlic with a tablespoon or so of flour. It should make a thin paste. When it thickens and starts to stick, add 3 cans of coconut milk and a slosh of lime juice. I got bored waiting for it to thicken, so after a while I turned up the heat, simmered it a bit, dumped it in with the rice, meat, and vegetables, and stirred it all up. The rice absorbed a little of the coconut milk and it because  a little thicker; still not what I had set out for, but I have to admit it was tasty. 

There you go. 🙂